Virtual Global Assistant

No employee set-up fees, No agency fees, No sick pay and oncosts …Virtual Global Assistant releases you from the routine allowing you to focus on what you do best … run your business!

An executive and managerial assistant support service without the overheads that can also provide administration services after business hours delivered to your mailbox the next morning.

Sarah Williams has over 20 years international experience as a professional senior executive assistant responsible for the management of the office of the Chief Executive and Chairmen of blue chip companies that have included Air New Zealand, Caltex, Rothschild, Brierley Investments and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.

With a strong work ethic and executive focus, Sarah has taken the lead in championing the role of the executive assistant as the key person able to efficiently manage the C-Level engagement with internal management and external stakeholders including the Board and Government contacts.

With a career commencing at the British Foreign Office in London, Sarah has gained experience in dealing with many different cultures from the UK to New Zealand, including the Asia Pacific region, organising and managing many successful events from annual general meetings to international leadership workshops. Sarah has a strong network of executive assistants within her peer group at C-Level and this has enabled her to open doors where others have found them closed.

Sarah is an innovative executive assistant with great energy and enthusiasm for the business in which she operates. This has lead to her taking on a range of additional activities, such as facilities management and contract negotiation.

Because virtual assistants work remotely they are not subject to the usual workplace interruptions and time wasting. Productivity is high because more work is achieved in less time!

Whoever You Are
Whoever you are, anything is possible.
Executive, Manager, Mother, Student, Self-employed, not employed… Virtual Global Assistant can help you set your North Star.

Wherever you Are
Wherever you are, anything is possible.
Virtual Global Assistant can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Whatever You Do
Whatever you do, anything is possible.
There is no limit to who can benefit from Virtual Global Assistant. No sphere of life is exempt.

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Virtual Global Assistant … because the world of business is changing!